Here’s What You Need To Know About Our Escape Rooms

  • 60 minutes to solve puzzles and complete the escape room’s objective.
  • 8 player maximum.
  • Players receive a brief safety and rule demonstration before playing.
  • Please have all players arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.
  • The main entrance to escape rooms is on Indiana Ave in Sheboygan
  • Contact us with any questions!

Room 1 – Dreadnaught

The Dreadnaught Submarine has been hijacked by a terrorist! Repair the damages and disarm the nuclear missiles he’s activated before it’s too late!

Dreadnaught Escape Room
Deaths Door Escape Room

Room 2 – Death’s Door

Is this a nightmare, or is this really happening? The four horsemen of the apocalypse have descended to this realm. Get out while you can!