Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations are $25 per player plus tax for 1 hour of throwing. Up to 6 people can play on a single lane, and your reservation will automatically include the correct numer of lanes assigned for groups over 7. Friday and Saturday bookings are for adults 18 and over with a guardian. On weekdays, parents of guardians may bring players as young as 16 to throw.

Because of our limited occupancy, and the lane allowance of 6 people (not players) spectators will be permitted as space allows. Groups that reserve for a specified number of lanes may not necessarily be able to expand beyond their allotted max. Spectators do not have to pay, but they are not permitted to handle any axes or cross the live fire line.

The axes we use weigh about a pound and are easily thrown 12 to 14 feet with minimal effort. Our throwers are welcome to throw two handed overhand or one handed overhand. Trick shots and needlessly hard throwing is expressly forbidden and may result in expulsion from the bar.

Longhouse Axe Bar has a set of safety rules that includes Mandated Closed Toed Shoes, warnings against throwing too hard as well as other unsafe behaviors. Our staff is constantly monitoring for unsafe behavior. Axes can bounce back, but it is very easily avoided by not throwing too hard.

On Fridays and Saturdays our reservations start at four paid tickets. Other days we require only two to make a reservation. Groups smaller than four on the weekends are welcome to walk in or call 920-946-0822 for availability.

We will try to accommodate as best as we can, but reservation times are fixed for all groups. If you are late for your session, you may finish the remaining time but the remainder of the day’s reservations will start as scheduled.

This is because only two lanes (max 6 people per lane) are available in that time slot. Check if a different time slot has more availability.

We allow guests to reschedule free of charge with 24 hours notice or more. Same day cancellations will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Sort of. We require players closed toed shoes that are capable of withstanding a glancing blow from an axe. Shirts too. People should all put shirts on before coming to the Longhouse Axe Bar.

Our staff is ready and willing to help whether it is your first throw or your thousandth. We can give pointers on how to improve, usually a 2-3 minute lesson is all you need. Feel free to ask for help.

You may bring your own throwing axe, but we do require a proficiency demonstration before we make a final determination.

Longhouse Axe Bar proudly features an entirely hand picked menu of spirits, wines, and beers. While you may not see old favorites on our menu, you will certainly find some new ones.

Nope. Ask after you throw and the answer will be different.